The programme "Life to the Full" aims to support children and young people with disabilities along with their families.



A comprehensive rehabilitation of children and young people with functional disabilities by providing opportunities for good personal development, learning and creativity.

Team ICO "Message of Peace" provides assistance to children and young people with Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Autism, Mental Development Delay and Epilepsy in Kiev, Chercasy and other regions of Ukraine. This program involves more than 200 children and young people, their parents and relatives.


Our Accomplishments:

1. A Social Rehabilitation Center for Children and Young People with special needs in the Dniprovskyi district of Kyiv town.

- The facility has been equipped with modern equipment "MOTOmed" (Therapeutic exercise machine) and a Verticalizer that will facilitate the consequences of the disease;

- The rooms are organized for Pathologists, Speech Therapist and Therapeutic massage;

- The room for development lessons is equipped with the Maria Montessori technique. (The famous Italian Physician and Pedagogue).

- There are organized classes on Art Therapy, Music, and other Events to promote Children`s creativity;

- There is group and individual work aimed at supporting the parents of the children and young people with functional limitations.

Our Plans: Are to prepare the organization of a Day Care Group.

2. Mostyschenska boarding school for children with disabilities (Kiev Region).

- Major repairs with equipment of the shower room;

- Laundry facilities are equipped with drying and washing machines;

- Training for the teachers and caregivers;

- To carry out development and educational activities for the children.

3. Vatutine Cherkasy Region:

- The rooms of a local non-governmental social center have been equipped;

- There is charitable assistance to families with children and young people with functional limitations.