The main goal of the organization is to provide charitable assistance and implementation of social programs and projects for children and their families, who are facing difficult circumstances and require support and assistance.


Clients of our programs are families from the “Mother and Baby” Centers (Vatutine, Chercasy region), children who have lost parental care and children who have been evacuated from the area of ATO (anti-terrorist operation), families with children who have functional limitations (Kyiv) and other regions of the Ukraine.


Families often face difficulties which are very hard to overcome on their own and family resources are often limited leading to the neglect of the children. Underprivileged families are facing situations where they have no food, clothing, medical supplies, books, toys or professional help. Most importantly children are lacking the care they need.


This is why we are looking for like-minded friends and partners who would be able to join social projects for the best benefit of children's healthy development.


We are working in close co-operation with local authorities but unfortunately in most cases we only receive administrative support frоm them, when we need to accumulate material and financial resources.


In this regard ICO "Messenger of Peace" applies for support of its activity. We are confident in our Goals and are ready to Partnership. We are looking for like-minded people, friends and partners who are ready to join us in the realization of social projects for healthy child development.


Target Groups:

- сhildren who are at risk of being abandoned.

- children who have lost parental care (оrphans and children who are deprived of parental care)

- сhildren and young people who are with functional limitations.